Farewell to Sensei Russ, one of the originals

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Sensei Russell Jenkins one of the very first home grown kenshi and a leading light in British Shorinji Kempo. The Committee and members of the BSKF send our sincere condolences to Russell's family and to his many kenshi.

In 1974 when the first Shorinji Kempo branches were forming in the United Kingdom, one of the earliest was the Bournemouth dojo under Toshio Yoshida. Russell was among the first intake of Yoshida sensei's students. Russell was hooked on Shorinji Kempo from the start and when Yoshida sensei's path took him back to his native Japan, Russell became the branchmaster of the Bournemouth dojo. He devoted the rest of his life to improving his own understanding of the art and passing his knowledge down to his students, many of whom went on to found new Shorinji Kempo branches in the South of England.

Known affectionately as "Sensei Russ", he was a key figure in the BSKF for many years, both as a member of the technical committee and also as a leading voice in the direction of the BSKF. He was among the few non-Japanese kenshi who reached the grade of sixth dan together with his long-standing training partner and close friend, Peter Moore. His playful and sometimes irreverent attitude to life was an inspiration to many kenshi.

A sad farewell to one of the BSKF's originals.

Mizuno sensei has written some words of his own.


I am shocked to hear the sad news that Russell Jenkins has passed away. Russell was a kenshi in the very earliest days of Shorinji Kempo in Great Britain. Together we persevered for over thirty-five years with the same aim in mind - to develop Shorinji Kempo in this country.

From when he took over responsibility of the Bournemouth Branch after Mr Yoshida returned home to Japan, to the present day Russell continued to work tirelessly as an instructor. From among the ranks of the many kenshi who have benefited from Russell's tutelage many have gone on to become instructors themselves. Although at time we held differing views and may not have always seen eye-to-eye, it was always clear that we both held the same fervent desire - to see Shorinji Kempo develop and flourish in the UK.

Now, as we pray for his spirit - I hope that those who have benefited from training under Russell will take on the mantle and keep the development of Shorinji Kempo moving forward as he would have wished.

May I offer my sincere condolences to Russell's family.


Tameo Mizuno


ラッセル・ジェンキンスが亡くなったとの知らせに驚いて居ます。 英国で少林寺拳法が最初に産声をあげた時からの拳士です。 35年以上に亘り、彼とはこの地で少林寺拳法を発展させるために、共に頑張 ってきた同志でした。

吉田さんが日本へ帰国した後、ボーンマス支部を引き継ぎ今日まで指導者 として頑張ってきました。 彼の指導の下、多くの拳士が育ち中には指導者 となった拳士も数多く居ます。  時には私と意見が異なり、主張がぶつかりあう事も有ったが、お互いに少林 寺拳法を発展させたいと願う強い気持ちは共通した思いであった。






It was Sensei Russ's wishes that everyone who knew him would come and see him off. The funeral will take place on Monday 31st March 11.30am at the Bournemouth Crematorium, Strouden Avenue, BH8 9HX. It has been requested that flowers are from family only. Any donations please to Macmillan Caring Locally, either directly, or to the funeral directors or to Ian Hart."

Date posted: Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014 09:09:13 PM

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