First steps: getting established in London 1974

On January 21st 1974, Tameo Mizuno arrived in London with the aim of establishing a Shorinji kempo branch there. In the previous couple of years he had created a dojo in his home town, Nagoya, Japan. He had decided however that he wanted to take the challenge to take Shorinji kempo somewhere new. He spent several weeks doing intensive training in Doshin So's headquarters in Tadotsu and made the journey to the UK. He established his first branches at the start of the 1974/5 academic year at two London higher education establishments, Polytechnic of Central London and City University. Here Mizuno sensei explains what he had to do during 1974 to get up and running.

The Welsh Experiment 2014

In July 2014, the Cardiff branch hosted a weekend in the Brecon Beacons, consisting of training, walking and camping out together. They called it The Welsh Experiment. Here, Stephen Stanway, the branch master at Cardiff, gives a brief report on the weekend.

Matsuri: Japan in the Park 2001

Japan 2001 was a year of events to promote understanding of Japanese culture in the UK. The BSKF was invited to take part in the two day Matsuri: Japan in the Park event in Hyde Park. We put on six demonstrations over the two days.

Year 2000 Ambassador Commendation

In the year 2000, Mizuno sensei was presented with a year 2000 Ambassador's Commendation.

Akashi Kosen branch visit to Imperial College

In March 2007, Junhachi Yoshinaga sensei, the branchmaster of Akashi Kosen branch visited the UK with some of his kenshi. This is a brief report of a training session they participated in at Imperial College branch.

Visit to Kenya 1992

In 1992 Mizuno sensei, along with Yasue Kadowaki and Colin Haig went to Nairobi to support the Kenya Regional Study Session.

The 1997 University Seminar - Glasgow

This is an article first published in the June 1997 edition of Gassho, a report by George Hyde, then of Euston dojo, on the 1997 University Seminar in Glasgow.

1995 Summer Camp at Sayers Croft

This is a reprint of an article that first appeared in the October 1995 Edition of Gassho.

BSKF Czech Seminar Report May 2013

A report of the BSKF visit to the Karlovy Vary branch in the Czech Republic.

Report from Cyprus Leaders Seminar - 3rd-8th October 2011

A report on the 2011 BSKF Leaders Seminar.

BSKF 2012 University Training Seminar Report

A report on the 2012 BSKF University Training Seminar held at Chiswick, London.

BSKF Summer Camp 2012 Report

A report on the BSKF's 2012 Summer Camp, held in Central London.

Report on 2012 Cyprus Leader Seminar

Reports by various attendee of the BSKF's 2012 Leaders Seminar.

Report on the 2012 Taikai

A report on the 2012 Taikai.

Cardiff Seminar in Celebration of 700 Classes

A report on the special training session to celebrate Cardiff Branch's 700 class.

BSKF Summer Camp 2013

A report on the 2013 BSKF Summer Camp by Emma King of Imperial College Branch.

Cyprus Leaders Seminar 2013

A report on the 2013 Leaders Seminar by Kat Thomson of Glasgow University Branch.

Shorinji Kempo Demonstration at the Japanese Garden May 2010

In May 2010, the Japanese Embassy sponsored a celebration of the centenary of the Japan-British Exhibition of 2010. The British Shorinji Kempo Federation were invited to put on a demonstration.

University Training Seminar 2007

The 2007 University Training Seminar was slightly different to normal. There were lots of guests from Japanese University Shorinji kempo clubs

European Study Session 1991

In 1991 the European Study Session was held in Bournemouth.

1996 University Training Seminar at Oxford

Here we republish an article on the 1996 UTS by David Dunn, then of Euston and SOAS branches. It first appeared in the May 1996 edition of Gassho

The 8th British Shorinji Kempo Federation University Seminar

The 8th UTS was hosted by University College London branch. Here David Dunn, one of the organisers, recalls the event.

Canterbury Tales

This article first appeared in the Autumn 1983 edition of Gassho.

BSKA Summer Camp 1983

This article is based on a report by Richard Jarman in the Summer & Autumn edition of Gassho.

Martial Aid 1996

In 1996, Martial Aid was held to raise money for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Some memorabilia from the Uzbekistan 2004 trip

The original article from the 30th Anniversary programme and a copy of the publicity material from the trip.

Uzbekistan 2004

This article, by David Dunn, then of the University of West England branch in Bristol, was first published in the British Shorinji Kempo Federation's 30th Anniversary programme. Mizuno sensei was invited by the Japanese embassy in Uzbekistan to participate in the "Japanese Days of Culture". We were invited by Mr Hiroshi Takahashi of the Japanese Embassy staff, but who had previously founded the BSKF branch at Oxford University in the late 1970s.

Second British Shorinji Kempo Convention

The Second British Shorinji Kempo Convention was held in November 1976 in Bournemouth. It was covered by two UK martial arts magazines at the time. This article draws on those two sources.

Summer Training Seminar - 10th July 2005

There was no BSKF summer camp in 2005, since there was a large contingent of BSKF members going to the International Taikai in Japan in the October of that year. Instead there was a one-day summer seminar organised for 10th July. As it turned out, it was the very week of the terrible terrorist actions on London's public transport system on July 7th. Understandably, some BSKF members didn't want to travel to London, following the events that are now known as 7/7. London did what London always does in the face of such things. We carried right on with the seminar. Here we republish the report of the day's training, which first appeared in the August 2005 edition of Gassho.

BSKF Seminar and Taikai 2003

Here we reproduce the announcement that was made on the BSKF website for the 2003 Taikai. That year, we were all preparing to enter the European Taikai, so this event was a bit different, in that there was a seminar on making great embu before the actual taikai. Included with this announcement was a guide to making embu, written by Cailey Barker and George Hyde. That guide is as useful as ever.

Making the Grade

This is a reprint of an article by the late Russell Jenkins, first published on the BSKF website in 2002. It is advice for students who are coming up to a grading. It was a very popular article when it was first published, and we hope that it is once again.

1992 Summer Camp at Sayer's Croft

A reprint of an article about the 1992 Summer Camp, first published in the February 1993 edition of Gassho. This was the first year that the BSKF used the wonderful facilities at Sayer's Croft, Surrey.

83 Convention

A reprint of an article on the 1983 BSKA Convention that appeared in the Autumn 1983 edition of Gassho.

BSKF Convention 1992

A reprint of an article that first appeared in the February 1993 edition of Gassho.

Martial Aid 1988

A second Martial Aid was organised in 1988, also by the Japanese Martial Art Council.

Martial Aid 1987

Martial Aid was launched in 1987 for the Japanese martial arts groups in the UK to raise money for Save the Children.

University Training Seminar 2014 Report

A brief report on this year's University Training Seminar, by Stephen Trotter, 1st kyu and captain of the Glasgow branch.

Sutemi: Giving up something important to gain something vital

This article first appeared on the BSKF website in June 2003. It was written by the then branchmaster of the University College London branch, George Hyde. It is unusual for a Shorinji kempo article, because it does not feature a topic directly out of the canon. However, it is very thought-provoking and discusses an attitude to training in which a counter-intuitive approach may yield better results.
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