BSKA Summer Camp 1983

The annual British Shorinji Kempo Association (BSKA) Summer Camp took place over the weekend of 27 - 29 August. There were eighty BSKA kenshi, together with visitors from Sweden, with Roy Colegate, the Bromma Branch Master and some of his students. The Chief Instructor of the Federation Francaise de Shorinji Kempo, Aosaka Hiroshi joined BSKA Chief Instructor Mizuno Tameo to teach at the camp.

For the second year, the camp was held at Kent University, at Canterbury. The eighty-odd kenshi took full advantage of the deserted campus, staying in the student apartments and making good use of the dining room.

Training started at 2pm on Saturday, and went on until noon Monday, covering basics and syllabus techniques. The first afternoon was brought to a close with a wheelbarrow race and Sunday started with a run at 6am.

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