University Training Seminar 2014 Report

This year’s University Training Seminar was hosted by the Glasgow University Club. Although the meet-and-greet on the Friday was introduced by foul winds and rain, the rest of the weekend brought nearly unprecedented amounts of sunshine to Glasgow.

It was almost a shame to spend it in-doors at the Griphouse. Almost. The Saturday session was devoted to a balance of both goho and juho for the kyu grades, and the shodan familiarised themselves with bo-staves.

To the amusement of many, some kenshi devoted their lunch-break to practicing breakdancing.

The social on Saturday afternoon consisted of a three-course meal, and one kenshi provided background guitar-music (and at the end there was a sing-a-long of “Wonderwall”, hilarity ensued).

Sunday focused on building an embu, and Mizuno sensei devoted the pre-lunch session to putting together six sequences of a goho and juho technique. The pre-lunch session ended with an exhortation to prepare for the Taikai in August. The remainder of the Sunday was devoted to syllabus waza. The UTS ended with a round of applause and gifts for the senior instructors, Mizuno sensei, Sensei Mike Sadler, and Sensei Stewart Tatlock, and a special thanks to Kat Thomson, from Glasgow, for putting in significant amounts of time and effort in to planning the UTS.

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