BSKF Summer Camp 2013

by Emma King, Imperial College branch

BSKF group photo

Over 70 BSKF members and guests from around Europe enjoyed a fantastic weekend of Shorinji kempo training at the annual summer camp in Chiswick. The weekend was hailed as a great success, with students enjoying expert tutelage from the BSKF’s senior instructors and chief instructor Sensei Mizuno. Training included sessions on techniques, seiho massage, single form (kata), and philosophy subjects.

Mizuno Sensei demonstrating principles of balance

For the first time, the summer camp included voluntary ‘break out’ sessions on topics such as breakfalls (ukemi) and seiho massage during lunch times. Sensei Sean Dixie, instructor at Imperial College branch, held a ‘self seiho’ session and, with the aid of some tennis balls in a sock, taught techniques to relieve our own back aches and pains.

Breakfall breakout session

Saturday evening was spent at the George and Devonshire in Chiswick. Sean had devised a fiendish martial arts pub quiz, with a bottle of sake as a prize for the winning team.

Sunday afternoon saw single and pair form demonstrations from kyu and dan grades. Highlights of the demonstrations were Will Ng and Ben Perkins’ shakujo display, and Sensei Rob Villiers’ demonstration of fighting three assailants at once. This prompted an enjoyable session of three-versus-one training, in which many bruises were gained!

Set form group demonstration Wooden staff training

Most students were relieved to have a seiho session at the end of the Sunday session. The massage focussed on the legs, and we were asked to only work on one of our partner’s legs, but not the other, to see what difference it made the day after. Reports differ...

This year’s summer camp was organised by Imperial College branch who worked hard throughout the summer to deliver an exciting summer camp, and this year’s BSKF-branded water bottles proved very popular in place of the usual t-shirt. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend possible and who accommodated visitors overnight.

Free sparring

We all went home tired and bruised, but having learnt some great Shorinji kempo and made lots of new friends. Now to look forward to the BSKF Taikai in November!

Students practising meditation, a core part of Shorinji kempo training

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