Report on the 2012 Taikai

The BSKF annual Taikai for 2012 was held last November in London. Many kenshi from branches all over the UK participated, making the event a great success. The event was also open to the public, with many friends and family coming to watch, along with interested members of the public - some of whom had never seen a Taikai event before.

The event was opened with a Shakujo Hono Embu by Sensei Rob and Ben from City dojo, and an introduction to the event by the BSKF Chief Instructor - Mizuno Sensei.

After a brief warm up, the first event was kyu grade embus, with many good entries across the spectrum of kyu grades.

On another court, there were embus from dan grade pairs.

Following the pair form embus, tanen demonstrations were the next to be judged, again with many entries across all the different kyu and dan grades.

There were also group embu demonstrations from several different dojos, including some shakujo group embu.

The next part of the Taikai was the eagerly awaited randori (free sparring), again with many enthusiastic entries from all levels.

After a great day with many serious and energetic demonstrations, it was finally time to wrap up with some presentations and words from Sensei Mizuno, the BSKF Chief Instructor.

Thank you to all kenshi for participating and presenting such a good demonstration of friendly but serious practice to the public. We look forward to seeing even more of the same at the 2013 Taikai later this year!

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