BSKF Convention 1992

Sunday 29th November saw the BSKF's convention at the Seymour leisure centre in London. This type of event always needs a log of work behind the scenes. This year an organising committee was appointed including, among others, John McCulloch and James Yeo. It's one thing planning these things in advance, and quite another to make sure they run smoothly on the day. Recurring yearly hurdles to be overcome by anyone organising such events include: people not returning entry forms and things changing at short notice due to various circumstances. However John, James and Co. rose to the occasion and the whole event ran relatively smoothly for those watching and taking part.

As usual the convention included Dantai and Kumi Embus from different branches and some interesting displays by dome of the senior instructors of the BSKF including, of course, Mizuno sensei, this year demonstrating advanced Appo techniques.

For those who didn't take part - you've missed your opportunity as there is no convention scheduled for next year due to the International Taikai in Japan. This is a good example of Kempo's 'Ichi Go Ichi'1 philosopy.

Thanks again to the organising committee and to all those who took part on the day.

1. [Editor's note. This should be ichi-go, ichi-e, which literally means 'one time, one meeting', and is used in Japanese Zen arts to express the transient or ephemeral nature of things.]

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