Regular practitioners of Shorinji kempo find its dynamic style and enjoyable training methods to be an excellent way to improve and maintain fitness.

Training is essentially co-operative and makes no minimum requirements in terms of strength and flexibility. This approach ensures that practitioners are able to train within their own limitations and receive all the necessary guidance and encouragement to exceed them.

Unlike repetitive gym exercises, acquiring the full repertoire of skills is both physically and intellectually challenging. When improved stamina, flexibility, balance and co-ordination come as a by-product of varied enjoyable practice, the motivation required for regular attendance is greatly increased.

The essentially co-operative approach requires that each practitioner demonstrate consideration for the abilities and limitations of their training partners. In doing so, junior students receive continuous encouragement from their partners whilst ensuring that training remains safe and productive. As a consequence, despite its dynamic, effective movements injuries are very rare.

The overall training of Shorinji kempo aims to develop the potential of the individual and create a balanced human being, both physically and mentally. Its intentions are to instil a student with the confidence to stand up for their ideals and the ability to defend their position. In this way they can help other people and thereby benefit society as a whole.

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