Juho is the soft or passive system of Shorinji kempo self defence techniques. These techniques are used defensively when grabbed or held against ones will or proactively for restraining an aggressor.

Based on a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the human body, juho techniques are designed to exploit the vulnerabilities of the attacker in order to avoid, neutralise and/or put a decisive end to any threat.

Beginning with efficient responses to common grabs or restraints, and expanding to cover the most committed of attacks, the range of juho techniques provide the experienced practitioner with a wide variety of options in any given situation.

By learning how to use the force of an opponent's attack to neutralise the threat, the practitioner can maximise their effectiveness without relying on strength, regardless of the size, strength and determination of the attacker.

From simple releases to a variety of throws, takedowns and restraints, acquiring the skills of the juho syllabus requires that the practitioner question their basic intuitions with regard to their abilities and limitations. As such it is as much an intellectual as physical challenge.

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