University Training Seminar 2007

The 2007 University Training Seminar was hosted by Glasgow University Shorinji Kempo Club. Unusually, several Japanese university Shorinji kempo branchmasters were invited to attend. These were Nosaka sensei (7th Dan, Hokkaido University branchmaster) and Ikegami sensei (7th Dan, Sapporo Gakuin University branchmaster) and Hamayose Sensei (7th Dan, Nanzan University, Seto branchmaster). Some of the kenshi of those branches were also in attendence. Finally, Sasaki sensei, a fried of Mizuno sensei from Aichi prefecture was also there.

Tony Leith, the Glasgow University branchmaster, writing on the event said the Sasaki sensei gave a masterful display of juho and Mizuno sensei put on a wonderful randori demonstration. Nosaka sensei gave Howa on the Sunday, explaining his ideas about Dharma, in English too.

In the traditional manner of the Glasgow UTS, the Saturday social was a ceilidh, Scottish country dancing. At the event the various Japanese and British university branchmasters signed partership agreements.

2007 UTS

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